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New Year's Eve Blast: Budget-Friendly Games for a Kid's Celebration!

Hey there, savvy savers, and festive fun-seekers! As New Year's Eve approaches, are you wondering how to keep the kiddos entertained without breaking the bank? Fear not! We've got a bag full of laughter and joy with our Discount Voucher Delights and a sprinkle of games that cost next to nothing. Get ready to giggle your way into the New Year with these child-approved, wallet-friendly activities!


Engaging the Little Party Animals

New Year's Eve isn't just for the grown-ups! With a little creativity and these fun-filled games, you can make sure the little ones are having a blast too. Here are 5 cheap or free games to keep children of all ages entertained:


  1. Balloon Countdown: Write different activities on slips of paper and insert them into balloons. Every hour, let the kids pop a balloon and embark on the fun task inside! Activities can range from dancing to a song, making a funny hat, or telling a joke.

  2. Treasure Hunt: Create a treasure hunt with clues leading to different parts of the house. The treasure? A New Year's Eve goodie bag filled with treats and small toys.

  3. DIY Time Capsule: Have the kids decorate a shoebox as a time capsule. They can fill it with their favourite memories from the year, predictions for the next year, and small mementos.

  4. New Year's Eve Bingo: Create bingo cards with New Year's Eve-themed pictures or words. Use small sweets or stickers as markers.

  5. Dance Freeze: Play their favourite tunes and have them dance around. When the music stops, they freeze. The last one moving is out!


Independent Play for Different Age Groups


For the 5-7 Year Olds:


  1. Colouring Countdown: Provide printable New Year's Eve-themed colouring pages. Set up a little colouring station with all the crayons and markers they'll need.

  2. Puzzle Race: Give each child a small, simple puzzle. The first one to complete their puzzle gets to lead the next New Year's Eve cheer!

  3. Sock Puppet Show: With old socks and some craft supplies, let them create their own sock puppets and put on a show for the family.


For the 7-10 Year Olds:


  1. DIY Balloon Volleyball: Set up a "net" using a string across a room and let them play volleyball with a balloon. No hands allowed - only heads and shoulders!

  2. Comic Strip Creation: Provide them with paper and markers to create their own New Year's Eve-themed comic strip.

  3. Origami Challenge: Teach them a few simple origami figures and challenge them to make a small scene or story with their creations.


For the Over 10s:

  1. Scavenger Hunt: Create a more complex scavenger hunt with riddles and clues that take them around the house or yard.

  2. DIY Movie Making: Let them script and film a short New Year's Eve skit or mockumentary using a smartphone or tablet.

  3. Board Game Tournament: Set up a series of board games for a mini-tournament. The winner gets to lead the New Year's countdown!


With these engaging, comical, and budget-friendly games, your New Year's Eve is sure to be a hit with the kids! Remember, the best part about these activities is not just the savings, but the laughter and memories you'll create together. So, grab those Discount Vouchers, set up the game stations, and get ready for a night filled with joyous celebrations and giggles. Happy New Year, everyone!


Printable Templates and Resources


1) Balloon Countdown Activities:


Creating a balloon countdown for New Year's Eve is a fun and interactive way to build excitement as the night progresses. Each balloon represents a different hour leading up to midnight, and when popped, reveals a fun activity for the kids (and adults!) to do. Here's a list of activities you can write on slips of paper and insert into the balloons. Adjust the activities based on the age of the children and the resources available.


6 PM - Silly Hat Creation

Activity: Everyone must create and wear a silly hat using construction paper, stickers, and other craft supplies.


7 PM - Dance Party

Activity: Turn up the music and have a dance-off. Everyone must show off their best dance moves!


8 PM - Joke Time

Activity: Each person takes turns telling their best joke. The one who gets the most laughs wins a small prize.


9 PM - New Year's Resolution

Activity: Everyone writes down a New Year's resolution and shares it with the group.


10 PM - Charades

Activity: Play a game of charades using themes like animals, movies, or famous people.


11 PM - Memory Lane

Activity: Each person shares their favourite memory from the past year.


11:30 PM - Gratitude Balloons

Activity: Everyone writes something they are grateful for on a piece of paper, puts it in a balloon, and then everyone pops their balloon and reads aloud what's written.


11:45 PM - Wish List

Activity: Write down a wish for the upcoming year and place it in the balloon. Keep it to open next New Year's Eve.


11:55 PM - Countdown Prep

Activity: Get ready with noisemakers, hats, and a toast for the countdown.


Midnight - Happy New Year!

Activity: Pop the final balloon with confetti inside to celebrate the New Year!


Tips for Your Balloon Countdown:

Variety: Include a mix of active games, creative activities, and reflective moments.

Preparation: Have all necessary materials ready for each activity (e.g., craft supplies, music playlist).

Safety: Ensure that balloons are popped safely and clean up any balloon pieces immediately to avoid choking hazards for younger children.

Inclusivity: Make sure activities are suitable for all ages participating in the countdown.


This balloon countdown will not only add excitement to your New Year's Eve celebration but also create memorable moments as each hour passes. Enjoy the laughter and joy as you pop your way into the new year!



2) Treasure Hunt Clues:


Clue #1: Start Off Easy

  • Location: Near the front door or where kids' coats are kept.

  • Clue: "New Year's Eve is here, let's start the cheer! Where you leave your shoes, the first clue appears!"


Clue #2: Kitchen Capers

  • Location: Fridge or where snacks are stored.

  • Clue: "Now don't be slow, to the place cold as snow, where treats and eats like to hide, your next clue waits inside!"


Clue #3: Cozy Spot

  • Location: Near a sofa or a favorite family relaxation spot.

  • Clue: "Take a seat, have a rest, but don't get too comfy, you're on a quest! Underneath where you read or watch TV, the next clue will be."


Clue #4: Book Nook

  • Location: Where you keep children's books or a home library.

  • Clue: "Books are a treasure on their own, filled with adventures yet unknown. Find the spot where stories sleep, and a new clue you shall keep!"


Clue #5: Time to Shine

  • Location: Near a clock or where you display the New Year's decorations.

  • Clue: "Tick tock, watch the clock, New Year's is nearing, don't stop! Where time twirls and sparkles shine, your next clue hangs on a line."


Clue #6: Laundry Lurking

  • Location: Near the laundry area or where dirty clothes are kept.

  • Clue: "This next spot might make you groan, it's where dirty socks are thrown. But search with care and you will see, a clue awaits where it's clean and breezy!"


Clue #7: Final Spot - Treasure Trove

  • Location: A special or unexpected place like a bathtub, a car parked in the garage, or a tucked-away nook.

  • Clue: "Now you've traveled far and wide, with smiles and laughter by your side. Where water splashes or wheels rest, or maybe where guests sleep best. Find the spot that's out of view, your treasure waits there just for you!"


Wrapping Up the Hunt:


Make sure the final location is somewhere a bit unexpected but safe for the kids to access. The treasure could be a box or bag filled with goodies like small toys, sweets, New Year's Eve noisemakers, or confetti poppers to celebrate their successful hunt and the upcoming new year.


Remember to tailor the clues and hiding spots to suit the children's ages and your home environment. Happy hunting and Happy New Year!


Scavenger Hunt Clues for New Year's Eve:


Clue #1: Kick-Off at the Clock

  • Location: Near a clock or where the New Year countdown is visible.

  • Clue: "As the clock ticks down to a brand new year, find the place where time is clear. Look closely where numbers run; your first clue is where time has begun!"


Clue #2: Cozy Comforts

  • Location: Where blankets or family movies are kept.

  • Clue: "Where do you snuggle when the night is nigh, with stories and dreams beneath the sky? Seek the spot of cozy delight; your next clue hides out of sight!"


Clue #3: Culinary Quest

  • Location: In the kitchen, perhaps where cookies or treats are stored.

  • Clue: "In the heart of the home where flavors dance, find the spot where you might take a cooking stance. Look near where sweet treats might hide; there your next clue resides!"


Clue #4: Literary Lane

  • Location: Near bookshelves or a study area.

  • Clue: "Pages flutter and stories soar, in the place where imagination roars. Find the nook where tales are spun; your next clue waits for you, little one!"


Clue #5: Green Thumb

  • Location: Near houseplants or a garden area.

  • Clue: "Where green friends sit soaking in light, find the spot that's just right. Beneath leaves or near a pot, your next clue waits in a cozy spot!"


Clue #6: Reflections

  • Location: Near a mirror or a place where family photos are displayed.

  • Clue: "Look to the place where faces gaze, through reflections of yesteryears and todays. Find the spot where memories smile back; your next clue is hidden in the crack!"


Clue #7: Final Countdown

  • Location: A special or unexpected place like where New Year's Eve supplies are kept (party hats, noisemakers, etc.).

  • Clue: "Now as the old year takes its bow, find where you'd cheer and shout 'Wow!' Look where the final hour waits, your treasure's hidden where celebration creates!"


Wrapping Up the Hunt:


The final location should be somewhere that feels like a culmination of the evening's excitement, perhaps where you've hidden party favours or a special treat to enjoy as the clock strikes midnight. The treasure might include things like New Year's Eve hats, a small toy, or a special note of congratulations for completing the scavenger hunt.


Adjust the clues and locations to fit the layout of your home and the interests of the children participating. A well-planned scavenger hunt can be a memorable part of a New Year's Eve celebration for kids, full of fun and anticipation!



3) New Year's Eve Bingo Cards


Creating New Year's Eve Bingo cards can be a fun activity for everyone to enjoy. Here's how you can create your own set of Bingo cards with a New Year's Eve theme. Each card should be unique to ensure that not everyone wins at the same time. You can use a 5x5 grid, with the centre square typically being a "Free" space.


New Year's Eve Bingo Card Elements


Symbols and Words to Include:

  1. Fireworks

  2. Midnight Clock

  3. 2024 Glasses

  4. Champagne

  5. Party Hat

  6. Confetti

  7. Balloon

  8. Dancing Shoes

  9. Sparklers

  10. Countdown

  11. Noise Maker

  12. Resolution List

  13. Calendar

  14. Toast

  15. Festive Cocktail

  16. Music Notes

  17. Photo Booth

  18. Glitter

  19. Party Popper

  20. Fancy Dress

  21. Fireplace

  22. Snowflake (if relevant)

  23. Kiss at Midnight

  24. Auld Lang Syne (Song)

  25. Free Space (Typically the center square)


Instructions for Creating Bingo Cards:


  1. Grid Layout: Create a 5x5 grid on a piece of paper or digitally using software like Microsoft Word, Excel, or a Bingo card generator.

  2. Populate Squares: Randomly place the above symbols or words in each square. Ensure each card is unique by mixing up the order.

  3. Free Space: Mark the center square as "Free" or with a special symbol like a star or a picture of a clock striking midnight.

  4. Print Cards: If you've created the cards digitally, print out a card for each player. If you're doing it by hand, make sure each card has a different configuration.

How to Play New Year's Eve Bingo:

  1. Distribute Cards: Give each player a Bingo card and something to mark the squares, like a pen or stickers.

  2. Call Out or Display Items: As the night progresses, call out the items or display pictures of them. Players will mark off the corresponding square on their cards.

  3. Winning: The first player to get five in a row horizontally, vertically, or diagonally shouts "Bingo!" and wins. You can continue playing for more winners or for "full house" where all squares are covered.

  4. Prizes: Offer small prizes or special privileges for the winners (like choosing the next song or the first slice of cake).


  • Customization: Feel free to add or change symbols and words to fit your party theme or personal traditions.

  • Interactivity: Make the game interactive by including tasks in some squares, like "tell your favourite New Year's memory" or "make a toast."

  • Visuals: Use clip art or stickers to make the cards more visually appealing and festive.

Creating your own New Year's Eve Bingo cards adds a personalised touch to your celebration and provides a fun and easy game for guests of all ages to enjoy as they await the midnight hour!

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4) Colouring Pages


Click here to download printable colouring pages:

2024 Colouring
Download PDF • 1.18MB


5) Origami Instructions


Creating origami is a fun and engaging activity for children and adults alike. Here are instructions for three simple origami projects suitable for children aged 7-10 years old. These can be part of the New Year's Eve games or any time of the year. Before starting, make sure you have square origami papers ready for each child.


Origami Hat


A simple origami hat can be a fun way to get into the festive spirit!


Materials Needed:

  • One large square piece of paper (preferably 15cm x 15cm or larger)


  1. Fold in Half: Fold the paper in half to form a rectangle.

  2. Fold Corners: Fold the top corners down to the center line, forming two triangles. This will create a shape that looks like a trapezoid.

  3. Fold Up Bottom: Fold the bottom of the paper up on both sides, creating the brim of the hat.

  4. Open Up: Open up the bottom of the hat, and it's ready to wear!


Origami Dog Face


A cute dog face is always a hit and can be decorated after folding!


Materials Needed:

  • One square piece of origami paper (preferably 15cm x 15cm)


  1. White Side Up: Start with the white side of the paper up (if it's colored paper).

  2. Fold Diagonally: Fold the paper in half diagonally, then unfold to create a center crease.

  3. Fold Corners: Fold the two top corners down to the center line so they meet at the middle.

  4. Create Ears: Fold the top of the paper down on both sides so the top corners now point outwards, forming the ears.

  5. Fold Bottom Up: Fold a small portion of the bottom up to create the nose.

  6. Add Features: Draw eyes and a nose, or add stickers to give your dog character!


Origami Boat


An origami boat can be a fun toy to play with, especially if you have a little water or want to imagine sailing into the new year!


Materials Needed:

  • One square piece of paper (preferably 15cm x 15cm, but larger works well too)


  1. Fold in Half: Fold the paper in half to form a rectangle.

  2. Fold Corners: Fold the two top corners to the center line, forming a triangle shape at the top.

  3. Fold Up Bottom: Fold up the bottom of the paper on both sides, aligning with the bottom of the triangle shape.

  4. Shape the Boat: Flip the paper over and fold the corners in again, then pull the sides apart gently to open up into a boat shape.

Tips for Successful Origami with Kids:

  • Paper Choice: Use paper that is not too slippery or too stiff. Traditional origami paper is ideal because it's thin and holds creases well.

  • Demonstration: Show them how to do each fold step by step, possibly using a larger piece of paper or doing it alongside them.

  • Decorations: Have markers, stickers, or other decorations ready to personalize their creations.

  • Patience: Encourage patience and precision with folding, but also let them be creative and not worry about making mistakes.


Origami Heart


A simple heart shape is always a sweet creation, perfect for decorations or giving to someone special.


Materials Needed:

  • One square piece of origami paper


  1. Color Side Down: Start with the color side down. Fold the paper in half by bringing the bottom point to the top point to make a triangle.

  2. Fold Corners: Fold the left and right corners up to meet at the top point.

  3. Fold Top: Fold the top corners down so they meet at the bottom and flatten well.

  4. Fold Sides: Flip the paper over and fold the sides in to meet at the middle.

  5. Fold Down Top Corners: Slightly fold down the top corners to round out the heart shape.

  6. Final Touches: Flip it over, and you have a heart!


Origami Butterfly


Butterflies are a symbol of transformation and make a colourful addition to any room.


Materials Needed:

  • One square piece of origami paper


  1. Fold Diagonally: Fold the paper in half diagonally, both ways, and open it back up.

  2. Fold in Half: Fold the paper in half, top to bottom, then open.

  3. Bring Sides to Center: Push the sides in and collapse along the existing creases to form a triangle.

  4. Fold Top Down: Fold the top of the triangle down to create the top wings, then flip and do the same on the other side.

  5. Fold in Half: Fold the model in half, revealing the smaller triangle.

  6. Pull Wings: Gently pull the wings apart and flatten the body part.


Origami Crane


The crane is a classic origami figure, known as a symbol of peace and healing.


Materials Needed:

  • One square piece of origami paper


  1. Fold Diagonally: Fold the paper diagonally in both directions and open it back up.

  2. Fold Horizontally: Fold the paper in half, both horizontally and vertically, and open it back up.

  3. Create Square Base: Push the sides in and collapse along the existing creases to form a square base.

  4. Fold Flaps: Fold the uppermost flaps towards the center and then flip and repeat.

  5. Form Crane Neck and Tail: Fold the top of the model down to create the crane's neck and tail, then pull them apart gently.

  6. Create Wings: Fold down the wings and gently pull apart the body to create volume.


Origami Star Box


This box is perfect for holding small treasures or as a decorative item.


Materials Needed:

  • One square piece of origami paper


  1. Fold Horizontally and Vertically: Start with a square piece of paper and fold it in half horizontally and vertically, then unfold.

  2. Fold Diagonally: Fold all four corners to the centre.

  3. Fold Edges: Fold the edges to the centre line, creating a smaller square.

  4. Create Flaps: Unfold the last folds, lift one corner flap, and open it up, squashing it down to form a diamond shape. Repeat for all corners.

  5. Shape the Box: Stand the model up and open into a box shape, pinching the corners to make them sharp.


Origami Fish


A simple fish design that's quick and fun to make.


Materials Needed:

  • One square piece of origami paper


  1. Fold Diagonally: Fold the paper in half diagonally to make a triangle.

  2. Fold Corners: Fold the top corners of the triangle down to the base.

  3. Fold Tail: Fold a small portion of the bottom corner up for the tail.

  4. Open and Flatten: Open up the folds slightly to give the fish a 3D effect.

Tips for Successful Origami:

  • Precision: Encourage careful folding and aligning edges for cleaner, more precise outcomes.

  • Patience: Remind that it's okay to unfold and refold if something doesn't line up right.

  • Creativity: Once comfortable with the basics, encourage experimentation with different papers and modifications.

  • Display: Show off the finished products as part of your decor or as special handmade gifts.


Origami is not just about folding paper; it's about creating something beautiful and sometimes functional out of a simple square. It's a mindful activity that can bring a sense of calm and accomplishment.


Origami is not only a fun activity but also helps in developing fine motor skills and concentration. Enjoy folding and creating with the kids!





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