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Money-Saving Tips That Are Actually Costing You Money

Updated: Aug 31, 2021

It’s now easier than ever to find tips & tricks on how to better manage your finances. With a couple of clicks, you’ll be able to find numerous 'Top 10' lists on the best money-saving tips. Have you ever thought that maybe these aren’t all that great? Here are some well-known tips that may actually be costing you money...

Buy One Get One Free Deals (BOGOF)

Let’s be honest, we’ve all been drawn into BOGOF deals at some point in our lives. On the surface, it often seems like such a great deal, one that you’d be silly to miss out on. Something that you should always consider before snapping up a BOGOF deal is “Would I have bought this much if it wasn’t on offer?”. Just because you will be saving a small percentage of money on a particular item, if you were not intending on actually buying that item in the first place, you’re not saving any money at all.

Buy Cheap, Buy Twice

Going for the cheapest item can be very appealing. For example, why pay £75 for something when you can buy a similar item for £40? Although this may seem very straightforward, cheaper is not always better. If you are the type of person that always goes for the considerably cheaper product, more often than not you will end up having to buy those items again further down the line as they are cheaply made, poor-quality items. There are always great bargains to be had. Here at Discount Vouchers, we help you to find great deals on the items that you want without you always having to go for the cheaply made item.

Buying Food In Bulk

Bulk buying your food isn’t always the fantastic deal that it is made out to be. A great example of this could be when you see a whole bunch of bananas on sale for less than half the regular price, you put them in your basket. Then in the following days, you end up watching them go black because you bought too many. This being said, there can be some advantages to buying food in bulk. Tinned food, for example, these are great to buy in bulk because it lasts for a very long time.

What other tips do you follow that may actually be costing you money? Let us know!


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