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How Audible Will Change Your Life

Updated: Jul 6, 2021

What is Audible? For those of you that are unaware, Audible is a great way to consume audiobooks. It lets you pick and choose what you want to listen to, making the process of reading books more accessible than ever.

Whether you’re walking around Borough Market, relaxing on a tropical island, or embracing the culture of a festival. Audible makes reading books so much easier. What’s stopping you from signing up?

Did I mention that there is a free trial for your first month? This gives you the option to take Audible for a test run and find out if it is the one for you. You’ll receive your first audiobook for free. Not only that, you’ll get to keep that audiobook even if you decide not to continue using Audible, how amazing is that? Also, as if that wasn’t a good enough deal for you, you can get 50% off your first 3 months subscription too!

So, what are the other benefits of Audible I hear you ask? Well, each month you receive 1 credit. You can use this credit for any audiobook, no matter what the price is. This allows you to build your own library, keeping all your favourite books in one place. You get to keep these forever. Yes, I said forever. No, it doesn’t matter if you cancel, you will still get to keep all your books.

What about if I want to return an audiobook? That’s no problem. Audible has a ‘Great Listens Guarantee’. This means that they will return any book you bought over the past 365 days if you don't like it. What if I don’t want to be subscribed anymore? You can cancel your subscription anytime. You’re not locked into any yearly contract or billing. I’ll let you into a little secret, it's a struggle to find any downsides of using Audible.

There are some purists out there that will say that you cannot beat picking up a real book and getting lost in it. Most people are now moving with the times and embracing change. Audible is the best way of making the most of your time. Listen while commuting, exercising, or traveling. Start your free trial today here, you’ll never look back.


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